​Past teatro oscuro shows:

A Collapse (FringeNYC,  2006), La Vigilia (FringNYC, 2008) & Confrimation (FringeNYC, 2009

TEATRO OSCURO was born in the commercial and cultural fire that consumed the Chelsea Playhouse. You know the story, a small group of friends, sans home or patron, who share an irresistible desire to create live theater come together to put on shows that only a few see, but all remember. With a century of combined theater and stage experience, teatro oscuro is truly a fringe group of drama queens and kings dedicated to the trinity of the stage. We write, we perform, we drink, and not necessarily in that order. Teatro oscuro produced Sacred Hearts at manhattan theatre source, five productions at the FringeNYC including hits Choking on Happiness and A Collapse, La Vigilia, and Confirmation.  Other productions in New York include The Way Out, note to self , The Love Song of Eleanor Purdy, Our Man in Chocolate and co-productions of Cornbread and Feta Cheese, The Truth About Love  and What I Meant Was... The Odd, Shortish Plays of Vinnie Marano. 

“When shall we see poets born? After a time of disasters and great misfortunes, when harrowed nations begin to breathe again. And then, shaken by the terror of such spectacles, imaginations will paint things entirely strange to those who have not witnessed them…Denis Diderot 

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