cast and creatives

Playwright - Vincent Marano

Director - DeLisa White

Stage Manger - Lauren Aronson

Stanton - James Edward Becton

Elgin - Ridley Parson

Photographer - Joseph Pirolli

​Graphic Artist - Anne Michele Abbott

Is the afterlife the last great mystery or a story we don’t know we’re writing?


Two strangers meet in a place both familiar and foreign to sort out their collective fates.

Are captains of industry and meth-heads so different? Is goodness a commodity that matters in the final tally? If death is the great equalizer, is the next life only a reboot of the soul? Lights Narrow is an intense personal journey not just for its characters, but for the audience as well and demonstrates why Vincent Marano is one of the most versatile and original voices in the New York Independent Theater today.

Lights Narrow